Bear State Coffee is an online coffee company dedicated to combating deforestation in coffee growing regions around the world.

Every purchase plants at least 4 trees in areas suffering from biodiversity loss.

We're the cold brew experts

Discover the Cold Brewed Coffee that put us on the map.

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Bear State's cold brew is one of a kind in it's balance of flavor, acidity and pick-me-up.  All three elements have a part to play in delivering you the best cold brew designed to be enjoyed at home, on the go or at work.  

Welcome to Summer in a Bottle.


Whether it's mornings, afternoons or even late nights burning the midnight oil, discover new coffees you'll absolutely love.  Hot or cold brewed, we have a curated selection of top coffees from around the world.  

bear state cold brew

Never run out of cold brew of coffee ever again.  Save money, shipping and sanity by always having Bear State on hand.

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Discover our signature coffee blends crafted to coax out unique flavor profiles.  Shop our selection of Cold Brew and Coffee.


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