About Bear State Coffee


Founded in 2013, Bear State Coffee is an exclusively online coffee company that sources, curates and roasts world class coffee.  We're known for our daring coffee blends and Cold Brew coffee that simply beats any competition.  

All of our coffees and cold brews are roasted (and brewed) to order.  While our popular monthly coffee bean sampler box put us on the map, we’re excited to say that our new Cold Brew coffee is now our best seller.

Proud to be part of Los Angele's Silicon Beach startup ecosystem.  

Our Coffees & Subscription Program


We work with a network of coffee importers with a global reach.  Our coffee team is obsessed with sourcing and curating coffees that speak to their terroir or the characteristic flavor and taste imparted to the coffee by its environment.   What this basically means is we choose coffees that taste like the land it comes from.  

Coffee beans are the seed of a cherry and should taste like fruit.  There are many factors that affect this taste such as soil quality, moisture, harvesting, varietal, processing and roasting and we make sure all variables are taken into account before bringing out a coffee to offer our customers and subscribers.  

Monthly Tasting Box:

Here’s a novel thought: there are as many coffee varieties out there as there are grapes for wine.  Variety is the spice of life and we say drinking more coffee is the way to go.

We actually may need to correct ourselves, it’s actually: drinking more varieties of coffee is the way to go!

What started as a passion project by Bear State Coffee founder, Arvind Murthy, quickly morphed into an obsessive journey into sourcing and selecting the world’s best coffees.

Our monthly tasting boxes feature two 6 oz. selections of coffees that compliment one another on balance, taste profile and feel.  One is meant to challenge you as a drinker and coffee lover while the other is selected for its familiarity.  We call it the thinker and the drinker.  We’re sure you’ll love it.

Cold Brew:

It’s Summer somewhere in the world which means that our Cold Brew will always be on the menu. Sourced from Cerrado region in Brazil, our Single Origin Oberon coffee beans are singularly perfect for a cold press application.

Our monthly Cold Brew 4-Pack is the perfect subscription or gift for the person who is constantly on the go and can use a jolt of delicious coffee every once in a while.

Our Ready to Drink + Concentrate plan is perfect for the connoisseur who needs coffee on the go but also appreciates an iced treat at home, perhaps even with a splash of milk!