Cold Brew 101

Sometimes the best things in life are happy accidents.  In the summer of 2014, we decided to take our coffee and and steep it in fresh filtered water.   During the course of that summer, we played with every permutation imaginable (grind, coffee, water filters, time, temperature, filtration) to create a cold brew like no other.  There was one batch, a fluke, that contained a mix of variables that really shouldn't work in theory, but in practice produce a cold brew like no other.  

Each batch is allowed to steep for a 24 hour period in a refrigerated room and the coffee and water inside is never introduced to heat.  Why is this important?  Many Iced Coffees are just hot coffees that cooled and have ice cubes thrown in.  Heating is wonderful for hot coffee, but sub-optimal for cold coffees.  

Heat creates chemical compounds that interact with your tastebuds and create a wonderful coffee experience.  These chemicals are wonderful when they're hot.  They're not so delicious once they've cooled down.  By never introducing heat to the equation, we never have to worry about any chemical compounds that may cause bitterness or funkyness.  The best result from true cold brewing is a coffee taste that's as pure to the bean as you can get!